Community and Ecological DevelopmentConsultant Community and Ecological Development
reconnecting people to their environment

I conduct an Experiential Learning consultancy, researching and applying a creative, holistic approach to change and transformation for those desiring to lead their way in the 21st century.

The consultancy draws on global best practice to meet the needs of local and indigenous communities.

Community development begins with listening to the knowledge and needs of many stakeholders and collaboratively facilitating the most positive opportunities. In this process, everything is inter related and the environment is also considered as a key stakeholder.

The consultant works at the grass roots level, to source and translate community aspirations and expectations into solid, sustainable cultural, economic and environmental development. At all times a global view is held of the long term needs and sustainability of the community. The goal to improve the quality of life for all includes short, medium and the long term intervention as well as prevention strategies that address the fundamental issues of equity and social justice while building on strengths and assets of community members.
Value is placed on creating strong, cohesive families and communities that are safe, inclusive and work cooperatively with their natural and built environment.

By reconnecting people to the importance of their relationship with the environment (especially their own sense of place) and with each other a new level of leadership evolves with simple guiding principles.

• Living simply, peacefully, and co-cooperatively
• Protecting and enhancing the environment.
• Developing a resilient, sustainable economy

As a Social Ecologist I have a commitment to strength based and affirmative inquiry that encourages community empowerment and leadership while recognizing the values of complexity and interrelatedness. I seek community involvement in all projects. The emphasis is on building strong, collaborative partnerships to ensure ongoing sustainability of programs and to secure trust in commitment outcomes. This means that at times organizations are able to employ new ways of working with community in the development of programs, services and facilities that are provided at times and in places that they can be of most benefit.

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